We work in conjunction with Master Joiners to create aesthetically pleasing structures which are built for durability.


Fencing is a freestanding structure which provides an ideal screen offering privacy and clear boundaries.  It can stand alone or be added to new/existing walls.  Light in construction compared to walls; they are made of weather-resistant wood which can be left bare, stained or painted.


Gates or gateways are moderately sized openings in your wall or fence to control or prevent entry/exit with use of a latch or lock.  They can be constructed to blend into their surround or used as a decorative point.  Constructed of weather-resistant wood or metal, the design possibilities are endless so can be used as a functional construction or focal point.

We give a skilled service in relation to woodwork and also offer a Master Joiner who can provide expertise for special projects.

Pergolas & Trellis

Pergolas consist of vertical posts which support cross-beams and often open lattice to form shaded walkways and sitting areas.  They can extend from the building or stand alone as a more permanent architectural gazebo.  Traditionally they were constructed of stone, brick and wood though are increasingly popular in weather-resistant wood which can be left bare, stained or painted.

Woody vines and climbing plants are often trained to accept support from the structure offering further shade, colour, privacy and structure.

It is clear to see from the photographs above why they are so popular with Garden Designers and Clients.

Trellis is the term used to describe interwoven wood, bamboo or metal to create a lattice for ornate structure and plant support.

Trellis is an ideal companion to pergola frames and can be used as a stand-alone 'fence' or atop existing/planned stone walls.

As metal has a tendency to get very hot on sunny days, weather-resistant wood is the most popular choice.Such wood can be left bare, stained or painted.

We feel the additional of trellis adds structural elegance, the variety of designs available can really set the theme for your outdoor space.